Interim Manager

Your are looking for 7/24 Solutions ? For a Global Player that can be available within 48 hours - worldwide ?
Business Solutions

Interim Manager

Your are looking for 7/24 Solutions ? For a Global Player that can be available within 48 hours - worldwide ?
Business Solutions

Bodensee Germany

I am based in Germany and was also growing up in this Region, South of Germany. Although I was travelling excensively around the world I always came back. Here it is easy to get new ideas and inspirations between the Lake and Alps. So get inspired by stunning Concepts and Solutions for your business !

Business Experience

Not only for private missions i have already
explored the world. Also by multiple business trips.

Years Working OVERSEAs


Industry Categories

Companies worked for

Digitalization Projects

Where to go ? What are your Targets ? If there are many alternatives – which way to go ?
Maybe i can assist you PROACTIVE ? Just find my approach on implementation of an Online Safety Training Concept and in compliance to German Regulations. Applicable also for small companies. Less time and more Safety !

Service Managment Solutions Wanted ?

Do you alreardy know alle your KPI from Factory to Enduser ?

Supply Chain Managment

until End User – are you in full control ?

Project Management Machinery

Complex Project Management often requires support by third Parties. I can support on a short note on any global Tasks. Even if your Project equires relocation of Machinery to other countries including assembly and commissioning.

Civil Engineering Project Managment

Your require planning, support and supervision of your Construction Projects ?

Transfer of Production Facilities

You require Support in Re-Location of Machinery and Production Plants ? With hands on Approach, assembly works and comissioning.

Process Optimisation

Example: Paint Shop/ Factory – Paint Material Reduction by 28% and increas of output by 72% (with cooperation partner)

My most exciting
TOP 10 Places to work

1. Mexico

Nice Country, nice Projects for Business Development as part of NAFTA Trade Zone. Preferably in the eve with very nice Mariachi Music.
My favorit = “En el rancho grande”

2. Jeddah (KSA)

Located at Red Sea still a secret for vaccation and business development – however just for Adventurers ! Impressive = the largest constructions sites in the world !

3. Singapore  

The Garden City – save and unique. As resident i was able to develop business in Asia in the field of After Sales Services from Singapore – in my opinion the best Asian hub !

Tips for quick start

How to secure a fast and effective Start of your Project,
regardless the Nationality and Culture of your Team Members ?
My general approach after performing the first Analysis is Bottom Up Support & Structuring
with New Works Principle ! Let me support your Team already from the 1st Level.

Living Abroad

Living Overseas in other cultures was for me Business Adventure – YES !
Be inspired by a Global Expert for innovative Business Solutions
to reach your Targets !

Saudi Arabia

South East Asia


Logistic Challenges

From R&D until Logistics and Assembly

Preventive Safety Training

Avoid your Operation to fail ! Let me support you by reaching the next Level by Online Trainings: 

Digital Training Solutions cover (annual) Safety Briefings of all employees including Tests with Certificate. Also applicable for your subcontractors prior entering your facility !

My solution is in full compliance with strict German Labor Law and Insurance Regulations. Compliance to §12 Arbeitschutz-Gesetz / §4 DGUV Vorschrift 1 

Why do so many Projects Fail ?

Eventually by often having too many Checklists for Project Management and to less Project Leadership ?


Projects are often similar to an Adventure at Sea 

Do we have a clear visible Target ?

How to reach important goals with a small team ?

If you like to know what a Sailing Adventure has in common with Interim Management ?
Then just watch the clip below !

How many CREW memers do you need to reach your Targets

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