Safety Briefing – Certification for Employees and Subcontractors

My tipp: Annual Safety Briefing Solution by ONLINE Certification – let me assist you !

Training and legal Certification

 PPE (“personal protective equipment”) is in Germany not the only obligation for companies to provide Safety Equioment to Employees. In Germany under Labour Protection Law each worker must receive at least one annual Safety Training. Also Governmental Insurance provide very detailed regulations with the aim that each worker at each department receives a customised Safty Training. Governent also demands a full written documentation about provided Safety Trainings – preferably with a Test and Certificate.
SOLUTION: How to do this more efficient and reliable ? Practical training on fire extiguishsers can never be replaces by practival training, however providing Training on multiple Theoretical Topics via E-Learning will increase efficiency. Also be performing afterwards a Multiple Choice Test, where the employee receives afterwards his Annual Certificate. Applicable also for Subcontractors that have to enter your company regulary.
A practical Solution, that can be inplemented already for small companies starting with 10 employees within a very short time.

Module 1 (E-Learing “Plug and Play”)

Contains more than 40 Safety Traing Lessons for Technians, Production Workers and Office Workers.
Each worker has to be nominated to the specific lessons. Lessons and Test can be done also at Mobil Phone or Tablett – anytime – anywhere !

Module 2 (Customization of standard lessons)

Existing Safty Training Lessons can be customized by Fotos and Videos for each company and each department. For more acceptance. How to evaluate the demands is part of the following Agenda and bottom up approach.

Module 3 (Customization for subcontractors)

For subcontractors the same Contents can be used to customise an separate annual digital Safety at Work Instruction and Test with Certification. Definition and Implemention of the content often requires an Expert that can support you in this Project.

Tipp: Benchmark for Safety Instructions for Employees and Subcontractors

In my opinion a full E-Learning and Video Concept for Employees and Subcontractors provide is the best Prevention ! If required we can work out a Project with advanced and customized solution for your Business .

Module 4 (Full Option inluding Safety Briefing Videos):

Based on content of above described training modules a professional Safety Instruction Video can be produced for Subcontractors that have to enter highly sensitive Production Plants. Benchmark is attached video.

My Support Services: Provision not just of an E-Learning Platform with Certificates that are issued automatically after passing the Test. I can also support in providing the Implementation of Software as well as customization and Hands-On Trainings unil full acceptance of your employees.

My Support Offer:
Let me assist you in Advancing your annual Safety Briefing Trainings to the next Level !

1. Enclosed you receive 3 Pages of a German based Project Review with Bottom-Up approach.
2. Here also the clip for a fully digital Safety Briefing Solution (MODULE Number 4)

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